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We’re thrilled that you’re part of the Love Where You Live community but I think we can all agree, without our customers, none of us would be in business so to ensure that we keep up the standards that our customers expect we’ve set these terms and conditions that may change from time to time. By registering and listing your products or experiences for sale on the LWYL Ltd platform, you agree to comply with our terms

Listing your products/experiences

When you upload a product or experience for sale on the LWYL Ltd platform you agree that you are legally entitled to sell the products you have listed and that all descriptions are correct, not ambiguous and you are in no way misleading our buyers, and that the items are available for delivery or collection to all buyers.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure the sale and distribution of items is not in breach of any applicable laws and that no regulatory restrictions or specific duties apply to such items. LWYL Ltd shall not be responsible for verifying your right to list and sell products, or whether the sale of such products is prohibited or deemed illegal. LWYL Ltd reserves the right to remove any product or experience from our website, without prior notice to the seller, any product whose sale becomes illegal or controversial in the UK.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your products or experiences:

  1. do not infringe any third-party intellectual property and you have all necessary licenses   or approvals in order to sell your products to the buyers on the LWYL Ltd website;

  2. Where appropriate, your products are labelled and packaged in full compliance with the Food Standards Agency regulations, and that the nutritional labelling includes mandatory ingredient statements as well as the relevant warnings where products contain major food allergens.

When you list a product for sale on at a certain price, you are in agreement that you will supply the product at that price to buyers on our website. The price listed must be in £ sterling currency only and include all applicable taxes. Delivery charges can be charged in addition per shipment and should include costs to ship to anywhere in the UK.

We reserve the right to terminate any listings that are in breach of our terms and conditions and remove any products at our reasonable discretion.

Intellectual Property

When you list a product on the website, you give us and our affiliates a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right to exercise all copyright, database rights and rights of publicity over the material displayed in your product information and listings that you provide to us in any existing media now or in the future.


It’s important that you must provide customers with clear and accurate information of all products that you list, as well as all consumer statutory rights and warranties, whether express or implied, which shall solely be borne by you.

You are responsible for the quality of the products, ensuring that all features pictured are accurate, the products safety, ensuring the proper packaging is used, any nutritional information that may be relevant and any disclaimers, warnings, notices or product restrictions should be clearly stated.

It will be your responsibility to deal with any issues raised by customers which could include but is not limited to, complaints and refunds and you agree to do so in a timely and effective manner. Customer service is at the heart of our business so issues not dealt with promptly and effectively could result in your product/s or experience being removed from the website.

Our fees

We charge a commission fee on every order that is agreed when you sign up to LWYL Ltd. We also charge a monthly fee. You acknowledge and agree to pay this commission and our fee when you load your products on to the website.


Any money made through the sale of your products or experiences on the website will be paid twice monthly however, this may change to once a month at our discretion – you will be notified of any such change. You will be paid any orders dispatched during the previous two weeks/month minus our fee or any refunds owed to customers pursuant to statutory regulations.

Any such refunds will be processed by us and deducted from your sales proceeds.

Sales and refunds

Any orders received through the website must be paid by the buyer through our payment facility which is operated by Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd or Paypal.

You are responsible for all risk and liability related to supplying the order to the buyer and it is your responsibility to dispatch the item in a timely manner and ensure that you are at no point misleading a buyer when it comes to delivery expectations.

Customers will be entitled to return any products that fail to meet specifications or are unfit for consumption. The buyer has 14 days in which to notify you, the local seller of their request to cancel the order, starting the day after the goods have been received.

Any refunds will amount to the price of the item plus shipping costs and will be deducted from your payment.


It is your responsibility to ensure that any products or experiences that you list include all applicable and relevant taxes to deliver items to buyers, including customs and excise duty, VAT and any other applicable taxes. It is your responsibility to account for all taxes due relating to the sale of your products or experiences on

Customer communication

Please do not directly communicate with customers other than fulfilling the order. As a platform, it is important that the Love Where You Live Community respects all involved and the importance of having such a platform for all to use. As such, you must not include any details of your own website domain on the website. You must not target customers in any of your own marketing, via any means, except for responding to direct messages regarding product queries or orders on the platform. This includes but is not limited to: promotional leaflets in packaging, promotional emails, including email signatures or footers with marketing messages, and order acknowledgement or dispatch emails.


We monitor our local sellers performance closely and from time to time, may ask you for further information about you or your business activities. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account if you fail to provide us with information, or if your business conduct or use of our service is detrimental to the quality of or the platform in general. If you behave in a manner that is abusive to our staff or buyers or in a manner that may result in complaints, disputes, claims, reversals, chargebacks, fees, fines, penalties or anything that we deem to be harmful to LWYL Ltd, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account. is a platform that allows you to sell your products or experiences directly to customers. When you list your products/experiences on to the site, you authorise and appoint us as your commercial agent so you can sell products directly to customers through our platform and as such:

  • Any contract to buy and sell products or experiences is one between you and the customer. We are the facilitator.

  • Any products or experiences sold through are not owned by us and we will never have possession of such products or experiences.

Our expectations of you as a LWYL Ltd local partner:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to sell with us.

  • You have a trading address in the UK or Republic or Ireland

  • You must agree to keep your account details up to date and to keep us informed of any changes.

  • You must ensure that all information on your storefront in relation to you and your products is accurate and up to date.

  • You agree to ensure that your storefront is always well presented and we reserve the right to ask you to make amendments if we feel the look and feel of your storefront does not meet our high expectations.

  • You must ensure that all information to provide to the site is free from Viruses.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure the secure and proper use of all passwords or other security devices that are used in connection with the platform. It is your responsibility to change passwords frequently to ensure security.

  • You must inform us immediately if you become aware or suspect that a password has been used by someone not authorised to do so. Equally, if you lose or forget a password, you agree to security checks before a password is reissued.

  • You agree that your dashboard is entirely confidential and no other person is allowed to view it with the exception of people in your employment.

  • You agree that we have the final say over how your storefront looks and of the content included.

  • You have the right to upload 25 products to your store but we will consider increasing that if we feel your products/experiences are appropriate.

  • You must advise us of any changes in ownership to your business in good time.

  • You must ensure that you have good stock levels for any products/experiences listed on the site and if necessary use the ‘out of stock’ feature on your dashboard.

  • You must not do anything that will have a negative impact on the LWYL Ltd reputation

  • If you are able to offer a service to personalise a product or experience or a product or experience that is specially made for a customer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the relevant checks are made with a customer prior to dispatch. Any errors are entirely your responsibility.

  • Any products or experiences that are non-refundable or non-cancellable must clearly state this on the relevant store page.

  • It is your responsibility to display any expected delivery times and costs associated with delivery. We encourage free delivery where possible either through a local delivery service made by you or your business or through a click and collect service. We understand that this isn’t always possible and where this is the case, you must make any delivery costs clear.

  • You agree that will you not include any direct or indirect links to either your website or a third-party website; you will not include your email address or any other means by which one of our customers could directly communicate with you. Any communication will be done solely through the platform.

  • You agree that you will not include any promotional literature from your business within the packaging to LWYL Ltd customers.

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