Our Story

Once upon a time, on a cold winters day – a mum, shopping with her children had an encounter that would change her life forever.

Wanting to buy some scraps of fabric for her children, Gillian stepped out of the chilling wind and into a little shop on the corner of a high street. She was met by a shop owner who was clearly having a bad day. In an attempt to cheer her up, Gillian started a conversation. It turned out that the lady was on the brink of having to close her shop. With falling footfall on the high street and rent to pay, every month that went by saw her making more of a loss.
The woman had gone into business because she was passionate about fabrics and crafts, she dared to follow her dreams and start a business doing what she loved but as the years went by, sales fell and sadly, her shop was to be closed for the final time.
On that day, an idea was born. Gillian wondered, ‘why isn’t there a website that allows local business owners the opportunity to sell their products and produce in a way that customers will want to engage with?’ A website that allows local people to choose quality items from several local businesses – all laid out beautifully in one, convenient space.
And that is where it all began – Gillian set out on a journey to bring the very best of our local products into one place and ‘Love Where You Live’ was born…

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